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hire me as:
  • graphic designer
  • director
  • animator
  • director of photography
  • concept artist
  • illustrator
  • vfx supervisor & art director
  • production designer
  • artist
  • consultant
Markus Taurer a.k.a. Sucher

Handmade Animation & Design

Hi, I’m Markus, visual artist from Austria, specialized on movies, motion & graphics. My talent is to bring thoughts to life, create them freshly visible, give them a meaningful content and make them an effective tool for you. Transforming imagination to yet unseen imagery and magic movements is my key-uniqueness, that advertising agencies, movie companies, youtube channels, kickstarters, tv stations, a variety of economic industries and many other clients appreciate.

So what’s the story of this mindset?

Reality is mostly boring. Since I was a child, my curiosity about everything that lied beyond reality started to grow and opened up a world of immense possibilities, that I strived to explore. Getting inspired by nature, sinking into thinking, dreaming with opened eyes, seeing not only one or two, but all sides of a medal, working with metaphors and reading between lines were some basic tools to continue this journey. Finally it led me to literally see the most creative source you can think of. Its energy is more durable than most of any materialistic compositions, and therefore I still believe and work with it as one of the most real and powerful things in existence:


Long before I was an angewandte-art-student at vienna, I started to use my skills and imagination to get some of this fantasy back into reality – so you can see it too. An interconnecting spectrum of knowledge about creating media, from producing handmade sketches up to feature films in cooperation with various crews, helped me to shape individual artworks and find out what sparks the emotional fire in my audience. I have spent my whole livetime on drawing, painting, designing, animating, making movies, researching and constructing. Especially listening to the needs of people made me think forward and made the most unthinkable things come true. It forced me to choose uncharted paths and also fight for the way I am – by failing sometimes but always standing up again.
Learning from other artists and their works – especially nature as the greatest artist ever – was and is always part of this experience because I love to continuously evolve my view of thinking and share this knowledge with as much people as possible. That doesn`t mean to copy other artists, trends or simply adept any existing idea one on one and all this with some clicks until the next day. The quality I mean is based on taking much time, living a life that always allows to recieve inspiration and developing something out of the box. With this approach I managed to master most challenges with high accuracy. My projects are very personal but can be tailor-made for you and just to be clear:
I´m not your designer bitch or assembly line worker.

I am an artist.

It would honour me if you became part of this hard working process and I ask you to challenge your own imagination what I could do for you with the power I have got. Just take a look at my portfolio to get inspired.